Thursday, March 10, 2005

A lazy day at home . . . .

Here's the result from the Shetland Morrit--about 54 yards. This can't possibly be right, but if one-half ounce made 54 yards, 16 ounces would make 1,728 yards--yikes!!! I have more of this fiber for a shawl ala WendyKnits (see December 2005 archives), but I definitely want a thicker yarn, so I'm on to the next experiment--the fiber at the top is Jacob top, and I'm spinning it on the same spindle but much looser and thicker. I'm hoping for closer to a worsted weight yarn.

Of course, I'll be spinning the yarn for the shawl on my wheel, but I just can't stop playing with my new spindle--it's soooo much fun!

Oops--I'm off to take the last cupcakes out of the oven (does it count if you drop one in the sink? I'm just asking)!!!
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