Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Hurricane coverage

I think I've just about hit my limit on hurricane coverage. I've been listening to the television feeds from Louisiana off and on since Saturday afternoon, and seeing all the photos of the destruction has just been overwhelming. Even so, it wasn't until I saw a photo of a dog sitting on a piece of debris, all by himself, floating alongside what may have been his home, that I lost it. I wonder how many thousands of animals have been killed. I had read somewhere earlier today that the NO Aquarium had been totally destroyed, and I don't think they moved any of the animals except the dolphins, which were transported to area hotel pools.

It's unbelievable to think that New Orleans and half of the Gulf coast is gone. I keep thinking back to the May 3, 1999 tornado here in Oklahoma City. Right before it became totally dark that night, after the worst was over, I remember area TV helicopters flying over the damage and the reporters being absolutely speechless at what they were seeing. Miles and miles of destruction, and that can't possibly compare to what has happened now.

But you know, everything will be okay--our Beloved Leader is cutting his vacation short to supervise the recovery effort. Of course, this was after he played golf and had cake yesterday and gave a war speech and played the guitar today. All that while people are losing their lives, drowning in New Orleans, Gulfport, and all over the Gulf coast.

After all, he has to "live his life."

I'm sure he'd been there in a minute if there'd been a photo-op involved.

Oh, and George--thanks for not releasing any of those oil reserves to temporarily help us at this critical time. Gas in some parts of the city hit $3 a gallon today.


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