Wednesday, November 16, 2005

I'm "boss-less" until Tuesday!

Happy, happy, joy, joy!

With next week being Thanksgiving, I'm feeling pretty good. Cutting out of work for a couple hours to do my bit to improve the economy made me feel even better.

I live 2 blocks from two of the nicest shopping areas in OKC, but I never go to either one. Seriously, I've been to one place probably twice since I've lived here (2-1/2 years) and not at all to the other. Seeing as how I have a real aversion to shopping during the holidays, I decided I should go now for the few things I needed. I was never so happy to get out of a place as I was to leave there today. But I did get a new pair of jeans and some smelly stuff, so it was worth it.

I also bought a few more pansies and ran to Target--I try not to go there between Thanksgiving and New Year's, so this was the last trip of the year.

All in all, I was gone about 3 hours, and it was really nice to be able to
get away from the office for a while.


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