Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Think Piece: Blasphemy About New Orleans

Someone on DU posted a link to this article, and I want to pass it along also. It's definitely worth reading.

Blasphemy About New Orleans: A God With Whom I Am Not Familiar

I especially liked this section:
Your God – the one to whom you prayed today, and likely do before every meal, because this gesture proves what a good Christian you are – is one with whom I am not familiar.

Your God is one who you sincerely believe gives a flying fuck about your lunch. Your God is one who you seem to believe watches over you and blesses you, and brings good tidings your way, while simultaneously letting thousands of people watch their homes be destroyed, and perhaps ten thousand or more die, many of them in the streets for lack of water or food.

Did you ever stop to think just what a rancid asshole such a God would have to be, such that he would take care of the likes of you, while letting babies die in their mother's arms, and old people in wheelchairs, at the foot of Canal Street?

Your God is one with whom I am not familiar.
I've heard too many people, including Democrats who should know better, blame the people of New Orleans for "not getting out of the city and saving themselves." The wrongness of that statement absolutely renders me speechless. Obviously these people have not been anywhere near the "seriously poor" for many, many years.

I swear, the best justice would be to take these people and transform them into the very ones they criticize. Put them into that same situation and see how well they do.

I think it would be a great "Reality Twilight Zone" series.

I oughta keep a copy of this article with me and give it to people when they ask why I don't go to church anymore.


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