Tuesday, September 13, 2005

What does FEMA stand for?

Borrowed from today's Cheers and Jeers at Daily Kos:

From The Hotline's Last Call 9/9/05:

For the uninitiated, the Last Call folks ask for submissions to some question from readers. Here are the things people said FEMA could stand for:

* Finally Emergency Men Arrive
* Federal Experts, My Ass
* For Evacuees, Missing in Action
* Fearing Every Mass Attack
* Funneling Everyone's Money Away
* Few Emergencies Merit Attention
* Federal Emergencies Managed Atrociously
* Flood Event Maims Administration
* Failure Eventually Means Asskicking
* Foreseeable Election Matter Already
* Federal Excuse-Making Agency
* Failed to Evacuate, My Ass
* Failure to Effectively Manage Anything
* F--- Every Minority in America
* F--- Every Man and Animal
* Farewell, Emergency Mike, Adios
* Former Equestrian Managers Association

Who says Americans have no creativity?


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