Wednesday, December 07, 2005

It's snowing!!!

And that's a big deal in central Oklahoma--it doesn't snow that much; two inches is like a blizzard here. We've had over an inch here in the central part of the state, and it's COLD--teens and below, with wind chills around zero. I think the low tonight is supposed to be in the single digits--BRRRR!!! Good thing I have Maggie to keep me warm--she's quite the little heat machine.

If I'd have dared venture out to the stairway, I could have had a better shot of the car below--it was covered in over an inch of snow. But I had already changed into my flannel pjs, and I wasn't about to go out and freeze my tush off. Unfortunately, in that second picture you can see some of my poor, pitiful pansies--they look like they won't make it! I should have covered them up, but I totally forgot. I've never had pansies before, and I'm constantly freaking out because they react to the cold so drastically. One day they'll look great, the next morning they look dead, that night they look fine again, the next morning they look horrible again. It's all very schizo.

I can't WAIT to get on the roads in the morning--joy, joy, joy . . . .


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