Wednesday, January 11, 2006

I read WAAYYY too much on the Internets.

My new job is keeping me from staying current with what's going on in the world, dammit!!! I miss all the good stuff during the day, and when I get home I spent a couple of hours just trying to catch up. I've really gotten used to reading certain websites every morning--mostly news or blog commentary, so much so that I'm getting up an hour before I have to get ready for work just to read. Oh well, it's a good tradeoff--my sanity for a little less news. I guess I can handle it.

Missy and I may go to SWAK on Saturday for their sale, but her household is full of strep germs right now, so we may not make it (get well soon, guys--you've been sick tooooo long!). I've been able to get a little sock knitting done this week--better than last week, and I'm having lunch tomorrow with my new "fiber friend" from work. I hope to get some inspiration to start spinning again.

And the best news--Socks That Rock yarn is on the way! A skein of "Romancing the Stone" for Missy, and one of "Jewel of the Nile" for me. I'm so excited--I figured it would be months before we could get our hands on some of this stuff. Then Missy found a website with new STR colors, many of which I need (of course it's need, not want--I'm not nuts!), and then I was browsing the Simply Socks Yarn Company website, and I want to find some ArtFibers yarn--you can see that it was a good thing I got a raise with this new job. It's also a good thing that I can't just go out and buy these yarns in a store, 'cuz I'd be broke ALL the time.

Our weather continues to baffle everyone. It was in the 70s on Saturday, and Monday night and Tuesday morning we had snow--LOTS of snow! Some areas not that far north of here had 7 to 11 inches--IN OKLAHOMA! Unbelievable! What's even more unbelievable is that it's so dry that it really didn't help that much. I didn't realize it, but an inch of snow is equal to only one-tenth of an inch of rain, so those areas that got 11 inches basically got a little over an inch of moisture. Better than nothing, but man, we need more! Of course, the snow was practically gone by 5 pm yesterday, and today it was really nice. Temps are supposed to be back in the 60s by the weekend.


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