Sunday, July 02, 2006

Le Tour de Fleece - Day Two FINAL

Well, Skein #2 is done and drying as we speak. No photos because if you've seen one, yahda yahda yahda . . . .

After some serious consideration, this is my next project:

Is this not just yummy? Four ounces of merino/silk blend in a HOT pink (again, what is it with me and pink lately?) from Louet. I bought this from Wanda at the Mountain View Weavery on our last spinning night. It is so soft, it just begs to be petted. Honestly, it looks so beautiful just like this, I could have put it on the table and just stared at it--it's that pretty.

I have eight ounces, so this is half. I thought I might make enough two ply to make a scarf for the little girl who lives downstairs. She is 7 years old, a real "girly girl," and loves pink.

Or I might just keep it for me--who knows?


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