Sunday, June 11, 2006

It's too darn hot!

What the heck happened to Spring? It's hotter than hell here, over 100 degrees yesterday and supposed to be the same today. No wonder I was so tired when this week was over--it's too hot to do anything except stay inside.

Except inside at work was FREEZING--as low as 64 degrees in my area most of last week. We can't seem to get the air adjusted so everybody isn't either freezing or burning up. It was so cold, my fingers were actually turning purple. And I'm sure it will be more of the same this week.

MY WHEEL IS HERE! Okay, not here, but in town--it's spending a lovely weekend at the UPS warehouse down on Portland. Don't these people know that I don't have a lot of patience? It's supposed to be delivered tomorrow to the office--I'm sure I'll squee like a teenager when it comes.

Meanwhile, I'm still spining the fiber I started when I went to the Log Cabin Spinning Guild meeting last Monday night. I was a little hesitant to actually do any spinning, but everyone there was so nice, and I had met many of them at the Fiber Rendezvous in May, and before I knew it I was spinning away without a worried thought at all. It was fun! I want to get this finished so I can play with the Lendrum tomorrow night, so I need to get busy today. I have a lot to do!

I ordered some beautiful rovings from Paradise Fibers this week. They are absolutely gorgeous--I can't wait to spin them. The colors are unbelievable--I've never seen anything so vibrant. I have to make sure I know how to spin them and not muddy them up in the process.

This week is our administrators/management meeting at the corporate office. I am giving two presentations on Wednesday and am really nervous. This will be my first time in front of many of them, and I need to have my act together. However, right now my biggest problem is what to wear. We are business casual at work, but should I dress up not? I probably will--I have an outfit that looks professional but is not quite so dressy. I just hate the idea of wearing it for two reasons--the weather's hot and the outfit's black, and I'll probably have to wear hose--yuck!!


At June 12, 2006 8:03 PM, Blogger Missy said...

Can you get away with just wearing knee highs with your outfit? That's what I do in the summer.


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