Monday, May 29, 2006

My ass is tired!

It seems like I've been working on my apartment nonstop (okay, not NONstop, but pretty darn close) since Friday night--however, I've barely made a dent. This means two things: 1) I'm getting too damn old to clean house, and
2) my apartment is a pit--well, not quite but getting pretty darn close.

I did get the garden done, even with the 30-mph winds we had yesterday. Remember all that pretty lettuce I had:

Well, it's gone. Too much heat, and the lettuce bolted--talk about tasting bad! I'll plant another crop when it gets cooler.

So here's Garden 2006:

Doesn't it look so nice and neat? It didn't look that way before, let me tell you. I was lucky that I didn't lose too many of the plants I bought before Easter, but there were a few that didn't make it.

Tomatoes, peppers, and a couple of 8-ball squash plants:

This year's Alice duPont mandavilla plant. Directly in front of it is a pot of mints, including an apple mint that sounded interesting:

A tomato plant I bought Saturday because it was on sale (whee!), carrots, chives, and a red hybiscus:

See that asparagus fern at the end? It wintered indoors and was almost dead. I put it back outside a few weeks ago, and I think it's going to take over the entire walkway.

Herbs--sage, dill, English thyme, an abundance of rosemary, and stevia (second plant from the right). Stevia is a natural sweetener that you can only buy in plant form in the US--it's not FDA approved for usage as a food product. If you chew a leaf, it tastes like pure sugar.

On the other side, more flowers, lavender (hopefully I won't kill it this year), and strawberries.

I had decided a while ago that it was about time to replace my Mr. Coffee, or as Catherine put it so well, "Mr. Prostate." Of course, I decided the time to replace it was right in the middle of cleaning, because I'd rather shop than clean (who wouldn't?). So off I go to Target, where I found a red coffeemaker, on sale, and guess what? It had a matching red microwave, also on sale. This was fate, as I had been thinking that it was about time to ditch the microwave and get a new one. So I bought those, along with a microwave cart and a barstool. Then I had to go home and lug it all upstairs. No wonder my backside is so tired.

I need to get busy, but I can promise one thing--whatever I get done today, it will not involve heavy lifting. I'm too tired.

Maggie's tired, too . . . .


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