Thursday, May 04, 2006

Is this the same dog?

Maggie is terrified of storms. She won't sleep, she paces, she climbs into the bathtub and the closet, she tries everything she can to get away. I give her Benadryl, lay her on her back, rub her tummy, and talk to her until the storm passes. This leaves both of us a wreck the next day, because we usually don't get much sleep.

We had a pretty good storm roll through last night--lots of rain, wind, some lightning and thunder, although nothing directly overhead, basically just a good old-fashioned, kinda loud rainstorm.

Last night she acknowledged the storm but never freaked out. She sat up in the bed, went over to the window and looked out, laid down, got back up, went around to my other side, looked out the window again, and then repeated the process a couple of times more. Then she crawled back under the covers (her favorite place to sleep), and a little later she came back out, looked out the window again, and then curled up behind my knees and went back to sleep.

I couldn't believe it. I spent at least an hour wide awake because I knew she was going to get upset, but it never happened.

I guess maybe not having a lot of severe weather for a while has made a difference for her--I don't really know what to think of it. All I know is I can't believe this is the same dog who less than a year ago tried to climb into the dishwasher because she was so freaked out over a thunderstorm.

Such a good dog!!!


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