Monday, April 17, 2006

Don't believe in global warming?

At 4 pm today, the "time and temp" sign on the building next door to my office read--

104 Degrees

That's right--104 degrees. I think the actual "official" high was around 98.

And it's only April 17, not AUGUST 17th.

Record-breaking heat grips state

Oklahomans sweltered through record-breaking hot weather Monday as temperatures exceeded 100 degrees in a region thirsty for rain.

At 4 p.m., it was 97 degrees in Oklahoma City, 5 degrees above the record; 93 degrees in Ponca City, 1 degree above the record; 94 in Tulsa, 2 degrees above the record, and 97 in Gage in northwest Oklahoma, 2 degrees above the record. Temperatures reached 102 in Stillwater and 100 in Ada.

"We have a ridge of high pressure that has built over the Southern Plains in the upper levels of the atmosphere," National Weather Service meteorologist Ken Gallant said. "Also, we are short on rain and the ground is dry. It heats up quicker when it is dry."

Normal highs for this time of year in Oklahoma are in the 70s, Gallant said.

My poor plants are miserable--and so am I . . . .


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