Saturday, April 22, 2006

Okay, I'm going to be really calm about this:

I made the "Okie round-up" on OkieDoke!!! Wow!

I sometimes forget that other people might actually read this thing, so I apologize for getting a little worked up. Thank you, OkieDoke!

I drug my ass out of bed at 630 this morning to do laundry and get my act together before heading out around midday for my company's "Rebuilding Together" project. Rebuilding Together used to be called "Christmas in April" and is a way for members of the community to help those less fortunate. Their slogan is "Warm, Safe, and Dry," and that's what we aim to do today--help a lovely elderly woman repair her home. I volunteered for the afternoon shift and am scheduled to be cleaning and painting the bathroom and hallway. We have a full schedule planned for not just today but all weekend. Our leaders from work were able to get new carpet and flooring donated for the entire house as well as a new refrigerator and stove. We've also bought new linens, cleaning supplies, curtains, blinds--you name it, we've got it. It's going to be absolutely wonderful. Our owner knows about the flooring but she has no idea about the new appliances, so that will be a wonderful surprise.

As much as I've bitched about wishing I hadn't volunteered, I'm now actually excited to get down there. Maybe I should go a little early . . . .


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