Sunday, May 07, 2006

Actual Knitting Content (tm)

I wrote yesterday about planning to attend the Route 66 Fiber Rendezvous next Saturday in Arcadia. I thought that I should have some knitting to take with me in case I need to kill some time (and to show that I actually can, you know, knit), so of course I needed a sock.

Now the Ruby River Mountain Colors Bearfoot sock is still laying on my computer table in need of a good frogging. I really didn't want to start a sock with another yarn, because I'm afraid I'll never go back to this yarn, and it's really quite awesome--I just need to quit knitting so damn tight! But if I frogged it, I would have to soak the yarn to get the kinkiness out, and I really didn't want to wait that long, because if I didn't get something started this weekend, nothing was liable to happen during the week.

So I chose another yarn, and I think I did good. This is Trekking XXL, Color 100, that Missy gave to me for Christmas (thanks again!), and I really like it:

It's very soft, although a little splitty, but I like the way it knits up--kinda heathered, kinda striped. So far I've managed to knit more loosely than with the Bearfoot yarn, and it seems to be just right with these Size 1 needles. This was how much I knit in roughly eight hours (slow knitter, I know)--I stayed up way too late last night watching Sidney Poitier movies on OETA. It felt good having knitting in my hands again--I just couldn't get past the frogging part. (I really need to work on getting past the hurdles in my life to get to the good stuff.)

So I have a good start on a sock, I have some spinning on the spindle--all I need to do is premordant my yarn and fiber for the dying class. Unfortunately, I don't have enough vinegar in the house to do that today, so I'll stop tomorrow and do that later this week. Then I'll be all ready to go!

One question, though--will it be too much to use my Maryland Sheep and Wool tote to carry everything in if I've never been to the festival?


At May 14, 2006 7:03 PM, Blogger Trixie said...

Love that yarn! I stumbled across your blog after Googling the Fiber Rendezvous. I've posted pics on my own blog as well as the Oklahoma Fiber Artists' Yahoo group (

I hope you made it out there. It was great. Perfect weather, perfect location, lots to look at and learn.


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