Saturday, May 06, 2006

Random thoughts . . . .

It's a quiet, rainy, foggy, cool day here in OKC, the perfect type for opening the windows and taking it easy. As this is the first weekend in three weeks where I haven't had something to do, I'm lovin' it. Maggie and I stayed in bed until after 9 am, and the only constructive thing I've done all day so far is two loads of laundry. Right now I'm trying to decide whether I want to knit or work on my plants.

Although the stuff I bought before Easter still hasn't been planted, I do have some things that are doing quite well:

Lettuce! A mesclun early mix, it's loving this cool weather. Hopefully I can get a few salads from this before the weather gets too hot and the lettuce bolts:

My two pots of strawberry plants have lots of blooms and fruit:

My herbs are doing really well considering they haven't been planted yet:

I still love this hanging basket:

But I think my pansies have finally given up the ghost:

I'm trying to pull some good karma after my goose disaster on Monday, so here's a photo of the baby geese we have around my office. There's a big pond across the street, so we get a lot of geese and ducks in the area. It looks like there's been at least three groups of babies born--I counted 17 goslings one morning. This isn't a very good picture, but I'm going to try to get some better ones next week. (Click the photo for a larger version.)

They're very cute--they follow their parents everywhere. They seem to be doubling in size almost every day. Right now they're a fuzzy dirty olive greenish color, but I'm sure that won't last very long. I'm just hoping that none of them get mowed down in the street--some people take the curves along the pond pretty fast.

Next Saturday, May 13, is the Route 66 Fiber Rendezvous in Arcadia. I've never been to a fiber festival before, and I'm really excited. There's going to be a natural dye workshop, lots of demos, weaving, spinning, fiber, and all kinds of goodies. I plan to imagine I'm at the Maryland Sheep and Wool Festival and spend LOTS of money. I need to be inspired!


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