Monday, June 12, 2006


So today's the day my Lendrum's supposed to be delivered, right? I've waited all weekend because it ended up getting here late Friday night and was stuck in the UPS warehouse until today. So midmorning I leave my desk for a while and come back to a small package that's sitting in my chair. One package, not three. It's the books and the few other small things that I had ordered, but there's nothing else in sight. The guy in charge of the mail comes by and tells me that there wasn't anything else for me. So I check online, and it shows that one package was sent out for delivery, and the other two are the same status as they were when they got here Friday night.

By 330 this afternoon I had had it. Nothing had showed up. I called and finally got hold of a live body at UPS (it's not that hard--keep hitting "0"). The guy couldn't figure out what the problem was, so he sent a message to the warehouse and promised they would call this afternoon. About 30 minutes later I get a call--"The truck hasn't been unloaded yet, so the packages will be delivered tomorrow."

THE TRUCK HASN'T BEEN UNLOADED? It's been THREE FREAKING DAYS! I can get one box but the other two are still on the truck? Can't they understand that I'm going to hurt someone if they don't get those boxes here NOW?

(deep breath)

Okay, I feel better, but I'm still freakin' mad. THREE DAYS, I tell you, THREE DAYS . . . .

I do give them props for at least calling me back. (Can't I throw the street slang around or what?)

Anyway, I have too much to do until Wednesday afternoon to give much attention to anything besides work anyway. I've been in overdrive all day getting ready for these training sessions. I think I'm going in extra early tomorrow to get some things done while no one's around. Cross your fingers for me--I'm starting to get really nervous!

And we had a nice storm come through and got a little rain and a 20-degree drop in temp--nice!!!


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