Friday, August 12, 2005

TGIF, indeed . . . .

I left the office at 3 today because I needed to run a few errands. About 15 minutes after I left, a huge thunderstorm came through, dark sky and high winds, lightning and thunder, and lots of rain. Now Miss Maggie is deathly afraid of storms, especially bad ones, and she freaks out really badly when I'm not with her.

By the time I got home, she had gone nuts. It looked like she had tried to climb out the window in the dining room--she had knocked a medium-sized plant and a couple of candles off the windowsill, and dirt was everywhere. She did not, thank goodness, break the window. She also pulled the trash can in the kitchen out from the wall (I guess to hide behind) and somehow got the dishwasher door open and tried to climb inside it--luckily it was full, but she did pull a sharp knife and a spoon out of the silverware container. There was dog hair all over the dishwasher door.

So I have to clean all this up. I clean up the kitchen, get most of the dirt up from the carpet, and then go get the vacuum cleaner to finish the job. There was a little area I couldn't clean because it was wet, so I thought "Fine, I'll get that tomorrow." As I'm rewinding the cord onto the cleaner, I hit myself in the eye with the cord plug . . . .

If anybody needs me, I'll be back on Monday--I'm hiding for the rest of the weekend.


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