Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Le Tour de Fleece - Rest Day #1 and Day Nine

Well, yesterday's box of alpaca fiber gave me an extra boost--that and a really big thunderstorm that came through last night around 8 pm. I love to sit at the window and listen to the rain fall, and fall it did--in buckets. So I was able to get over an hour in last night on the official rest day.

Today I hope to complete at least an hour. I'm almost finished spining the singles of the merino/silk blend, and I'll probably pick up the alpaca to start next. The plying will happen on the weekend.

Another fun thing came today--the carry bag for my Lendrum! Now I can stop worrying so much about hitting my wheel on something when I go to guild meetings.

PS--I just realized I've had my Tour days misnumbered from the start, so from here on out I will be in synch with the actual race days.


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