Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Buttons and spaghetti yarn

So I added the button:

Everyone can applaud now . . . . (yawn)

At least I can consider this an FO.

Remember this fiber I spun a while ago--pencil roving from Crown Mountain Farms:

I only spun a little bit of this because I just wasn't getting into it, and it's been sitting on the bobbin for weeks. I finally decided to ply it with a navajo ply, and this was the result:

Yep--spaghetti yarn. This is what happens when you don't use your plying head and spin the crap out of it. I let it soak for a while and hung something really heavy on it while it dried, and I got:

This would be rope. I like the colors after all, but yeah, it's rope. Although I do have some ideas about how I can use it, so no loss, I guess.

And if you haven't heard the news, go over to Stephanie's, read her October 2nd entry, and congratulate her--she finished Book Book Book #4 and made Joe an honest man, all in the space of a weekend.

She's got more get up and go than I have, that's for sure.


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