Saturday, June 18, 2005

Garden shots!

Yummy tomatoes--I think I'll have a couple to pick soon!! That's my eggplant in the foreground. The tomato plants behind the big one--not doing so good, but plugging along.

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Purslane and Torenia, the "wishbone flower," although I think they look like violets:

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A close up:

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And a long shot of the entire "garden:"

You can't tell from this last shot, but trellising my mandevilla on some sock yarn has made it go crazy. I think it's grown almost a foot just this week. It also looks like it's going to have lots more flowers, so I'm happy about that.

Here's today's Saturday Garden Blogging dairy from Frankenoid at DailyKos. Any of these regular Saturday entries are fun to read--lots of photos, gardening advice, and even some recipes!

I've added the "Summer of Lace 2005" button from Wendy Knits in an effort to "guilt myself into working on my shawl. How can I possibly be ignoring lace, especially lace made from alpaca and silk? I will work on this today. Even if I can just get one row completed a day, that's better than nothing at all, right?

My other goals this weekend are to finish one sock and repot a couple of plants. You can see I don't set the bar very high, can't you?

This week in June is always a little weird for me. There's my birthday, the anniversary of my dad and my grandmother's deaths, my late aunt's birthday (she was like a second mother to me), the birthday of a friend I haven't seen in years, Flag Day, and Father's Day--oh, and now there's also my work anniversary. It's this weird mixture of celebration, sadness, and memories. I never know exactly how to feel this week other than confused. My mom and aunt and I would always get together this week and go shopping and cook a big meal to celebrate. It was always a lot of fun.

But did I mention the boss is out of town all next week? How can I be confused about that? Whoopee!


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