Saturday, August 13, 2005

Ahh, sweet relief . . . .

It started raining sometime early this morning and has tapered off in the last hour or so. It's in the low 70s at almost 12 noon, and we have a 50% chance of more rain today, so I've got the AC off and the windows open, listening to the birds at the feeder and opera on the radio. Ahhhh . . . .

This is my favorite type of day--overcast, cool, light breeze, and rain. I have more energy on a day like this than any other. I always tell people I must have been a mold spore in a previous life because I like it wet and cool. I'm hoping it doesn't make that high of 84 today.

Maggie's not feeling too well this morning. I had to give her two Benedryl when we went to bed last night because she couldn't settle down, and we had to get up once to go outside because she was sick. She did finally get under the covers and go to sleep, and she slept through the storms until we got up about 8. I think she hurt her shoulder yesterday afternoon. I was giving her a hug last night while we were sitting on the couch, and she whimpered and acted like it hurt. I wonder if perhaps when she jumped off the dishwasher door it bounced back and hit her. Anyway, she's been curled up in the chair all morning. Poor sweet baby!

What a great day to be at home--peaceful and quiet and cool . . . I'm planning on hitting the couch soon to knit.


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