Saturday, January 28, 2006

It rained last night!!

It was actually loud enough to wake me twice. How cool is that?? It still looks like it could rain now--actually it did rain for a minute or two a while ago, and I've got the windows open and am enjoying the cool, damp breeze. Who knew you could get so excited over a little rain?

I'm waiting on some veggie seeds that I ordered, so I went over to the nursery not far from my house to get some seed starter stuff. Of course, I had to browse through the seeds on display, and I ended up buying some herb packets. I need to get those going this weekend. This crazy weather we're having makes me want to start planting stuff, but of course it's too early, so I guess I'll have to make do with garden catalogs.

I've now been at my new job for four weeks--when does it become an old job? As of the third week, I was starting to put names and faces together, and I'm also beginning to remember who does what and who I need to go to for certain things. Hitting this point in a new job is always a good thing--I hate wandering around and not being able to call people by name.

Our first facility in the state opened a week ago Friday. It's been exciting to see that happen. It's amazing to realize just what all goes into getting a healthcare facility started. I'm sure it will take a couple of months to get all the wrinkles ironed out, but we're very happy that it's up and running.

We have another facility not far from this one that will be opening in February. The people in charge that facility are working like crazy to get everything done in time. Luckily, the building we purchased was a small hospital, so we've not had a lot to do in the way of remodeling. Mostly it's been retooling some of the surgery areas and reconfiguring areas to our specifications. This center is part of a larger healthcare program that my company has developed, so it's exciting to see that coming into its own.

My knitting has suffered this week. We have been so busy at work that I have come home absolutely exhausted every day. I'm hoping to get my sock finished this weekend, and I need to cast on Mozilla's baby blanket (my nickname for the baby's, not her mother's, so not to worry about poor naming choices). Hopefully the weather will inspire me to get those needles moving again.

I love the idea of Stephanie's "Knitting Olympics," but there's no way I would sign on for this--my knitting time is sporatic at best, and it takes me forever to complete a project even when my knitting's going well. I think it's a fun thing, though, and I look forward to seeing what happens.


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