Thursday, October 12, 2006


Until next Thursday, that is--yippeeeee!!

Tomorrow afternoon and Saturday is the OkieFiber Retreat, and I have a dozen things to do tonight and tomorrow morning before I can head to the big town of El Reno for some fiberly fun.

For some STUPID reason, last night I thought I'd ply the merino/silk blend that's been sitting on my bobbins for a couple of weeks now.

BIG MISTAKE--it's taking me forever, and some of it's breaking like crazy because it's been sitting too long. I may have to take the whole damn thing apart and put it aside and just take my two remaining bobbins with me for the weekend. What the hell was I thinking?

However, I shall perservere. I'm only taking one class that might have a slight bit of spinning in it, so I surely shouldn't have too much need for a lot of bobbins.

Now, I'm off. I still need to eat dinner, and I have to get all my crap together and a list made of all the things I need to do in the morning.

Oh, and at some point I'll explain how my mailman has pissed me off, but I'll save that for later. Why spoil all the fun?


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