Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Fly the flag on this day . . . .

Courtesy of the blog Suspected Device.

I can't say much more, other than to please take some time over the next few days and remember what happened two years ago on the Gulf Coast. WE MUST NOT FORGET.

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Friday, August 17, 2007

Helpin' da Kittez*

So I've volunteered to work a few hours tomorrow at an antique/collectible sale to benefit the Oklahoma Humane Society--a former work colleague is now employed there, and she has been after me to get involved, so I'm getting involved. Easy enough, right?

Except now I have to explain to Maggie why I won't be home Saturday.

We had a long discussion about this last night:

Me: Maggie, honey, Mommy is going to be gone for a while on Saturday. I'm going to go help the kitties. But I won't be gone long, and we can play when I get home, okay?

Maggie (ears UP): Kitties? Where's the kitties?

Me: No, Spud (it's a nickname--I should explain that later), there aren't any kitties here--well, maybe downstairs, but Mommy's going to help the kitties that don't have a home.

Maggie: We are NOT giving any kitties a home!

Me: No, no, no, I'm going to help raise money so other people can build them a home.

Maggie: NOOOOOO, no monies--I need chewies!

Me: You don't need to worry about chewies, and it won't be my money (hopefully--I get rather weak around antiques).

Maggie (giving me a funny look): I don't know--I don't trust the kitties! They're evil!

Me: MAGGIE!!! (I actually shook my finger at her.) You were homeless once, too, remember? And you love your home, right? Well, don't you think the kitties should have a home of their own, too?


At this point, she runs to the window to look for the kitties.

Me: Maggie, I PROMISE you, no kitties here, but we need to help the kitties, okay?

Maggie (resignedly as she looks over her shoulder at me): Okay, but I get more treats for this.

What can I say? I know who's queen of this house--and I think she's channeling Delores.

*Props to I Can Has Cheezburger for the title of this post.

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