Friday, February 10, 2006

Completed socks, a new family member, and a room to rearrange

I finally finished the Opal socks--they remind me of Easter eggs:

I've started a toe-up pair in the Mountain Colors Ruby Red I bought at Christmas, but that's a whole other story . . . I hope to frog them and start over this weekend (let's just say that the phrase "better left well enough alone" could apply here and leave it at that).

There's a new family member at Casa de Katya:

This is Gale. Yes, it's a male Betta with a female name. It's my own personal "hommage" to the most under-appreciated member of the West Wing cast--Gail, CJ's goldfish. No, it's not a goldfish, it's a Betta--my house, my rules, remember?

Basically the story is--I went for goldfish, felt bad for the Bettas being kept in these dinky little cups, so I felt I needed to rescue one. And he's very happy, so there.

However, this is my big project this weekend:

Cleaning out the dining room, moving the dining table out, putting together a computer desk and file cabinet, putting the computer back, and installing a new printer.

This is the first chapter in the "make the apartment look like a 40-something lives here instead of a college student" saga. I'm so excited--I bought a corner desk with lots of room. It will be great--once it's put together.

I'm trying to be optimistic in saying that it will only take a day. We'll see.

If I make it through in one piece, I'll post an "after" shot. If I don't, Happy Valentine's Day!!


At February 13, 2006 2:26 PM, Blogger Missy said...

Cool socks, dude! I love their identical twinness (is that a word?). And I'm liking Gale too. I wonder if I should get the boy one for his birthday. Does your tank have a lid that would keep kitties out?


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