Saturday, August 26, 2006

Saturday Sky

Saturday, August 26, around 915 am CDST:

Not much different from last week, but it is a little cooler--right now, anyway. It's supposed to be hot again today, but a "cold front" is supposed to arrive tomorow morning and drive the temps down into the 80s. I never thought I'd think of 80-plus-degree heat as cool, but it certainly will feel like it.

As for everything else--ehh. I'm feeling moderately more human, but I just can't shake how tired I feel. I've figured out that part of it is that I'm ready to start "nesting" for fall and winter, but since Mother Nature isn't cooperating, I'm cranky. Not to say that we have a real Fall season around here, it's the idea that it's September and it's time for things to start cooling down. It's normally warm until November or so, but that means 70s and low 80s, not this 100-degree stuff.

I have nothing fiberly to show for the week. I picked up knitting needles for the first time last night and promptly dropped them 10 minutes later.

The plan for today is to drag myself over to either the couch or the wheel and do something constructive, with one eye to the sky for that cold front.

Have a good weekend.


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