Saturday, November 18, 2006

Saturday Sky--Dyeing for Thanksgiving

Saturday, November 18, around 10 am CST:

It's a pretty day here, but still a little chilly. I don't think it's supposed to hit 60 today. At least the high winds we had earlier this week have ended. That was a truly miserable day.

Lately I can't seem to get the chill out of my bones. I just haven't been able to feel warm for the last couple of days. I hope I'm not getting sick. I took the plunge and will be "dyeing" for Thanksgiving. I've ordered dye, yarn, fiber, and plastic bottles. I need to get a few more things, including a drying rack, but I'm ready to go at it. Except . . . I need to clean up some in the kitchen so that I have enough counter space for dyeing. I also want to clear out the fridge so I can restock for the holidays.

Right now it's almost 3 pm. How much of gotten accomplished so far?

Not a darn thing.

I think I may go take a hot shower and have some coffee. Maybe then I'll be ready to hit it.


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