Monday, October 23, 2006

Here's a better photo

of the FO yarn from yesterday:

How many times have I done this now, and I have yet to get it through my thick head that the yarn doesn't look as good on the bobbin as it does when it's finished? I'm always amazed at how much more "yarn like" it looks after it's been washed and dried.

Yes, I know, yarn IS yarn, so it would not only LOOK yarn like but BE yarn like, but you know what I'm saying, right?

I'm actually kinda obsessed with this skein--it's so much prettier than I thought it would be. I have more fiber from the same eBay vendor, and I'm hoping they'll be as nice as this. The spinning actually turned out pretty good; there's a couple of bad spots, but nothing I can't work around. Total yardage from 4 ounces is about 432 yards of close-to sock weight. Not too shabby at all!

Keep your fingers crossed--my main boss is supposed to be leaving town tomorrow on business until Friday. Every time we get a trip like this scheduled, it gets cancelled at the last minute, and I really need him to be gone for a couple of days--I have a lot of filing to catch up on, and I can't do it when he's in the office.

I still haven't cleaned up the "garden" and put out the pansies and mums. I meant to do it last weekend, but it got so cold that I'm glad I didn't have any hard and fast plans. Maybe this weekend.

Yesterday's internet problems continued with my Palm until this morning. While I was in the shower I realized how I might be able to reset the wifi radio and get around restoring its settings, but I didn't have time to try it before I left for work. Being truly obsessive about this damn piece of machinery, I couldn't wait until tonight to try it, so after I got to work I wiped out all the data on the Palm, established that the wifi was working correctly, and then restored everything except the wifi settings from the last SD card backup that worked correctly on Saturday, and voila! It's working like a charm. Crisis averted. This is why it's important to back your Palm up regularly. (My "Palm buddies" are sick of hearing me say this.)

And that's the end of the "Advice from the Geek" for today. This Geek is now retiring to the couch to work on her sock. See ya!


At October 24, 2006 11:08 AM, Blogger Missy said...

Yes, but you have the right to say "told you so" when one of these days we lose everything on our Palms.

I love love LOVE the colors in that skein. One of these days I'm seriously going to learn how to spin.


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