Saturday, October 28, 2006

Saturday Sky--I got nothin' else

Saturday, October 28, around 9 am CDST:

The trees are slowly starting to change. Yesterday was really, really cold and gray, with winds upwards of 30 mph. It would have been a great day to stay at home and snug in, but that was not to be. Today's beautiful--sunny, no wind at all and 73 degrees at 430 pm.

I haven't accomplished much since this morning. Missy had a small Pampered Chef brunch earlier today, so I was over there until a little after noon. I ran a few errands, including finally stopping for some pansies and mums, and got back here around 2. Right now I should be out cleaning up dead plants and planting flowers while the weather's pretty, but I just don't have the desire or the energy--much like the rest of the week has been.

I have no Socktober sock to show. I had to rip the heel out a second time because something just didn't work right, and I've not touched it since last weekend. I think that's where I'm headed right now--to the couch to knit for a while.

Maybe I can get one sock finished before the end of the month.


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