Friday, November 24, 2006

Still waiting to dye . . . .

Well, almost everything's arrived--the bottles, the fiber, the yarn--but I still don't have my dye. I have a feeling that if it doesn't come tonight (via UPS, who usually comes by here at the end of his route around 7 pm), I won't have it until next week. I still have some stuff I can do, but I was looking forward to really getting to experiment with lots of colors. Sigh . . . .

However, this does not mean that the weekend's a bust. I got a lot of crap picked up and thrown away. I've finished the BFL that I dyed at the retreat:

I ended up with 245 yards of close-to sock weight yarn. I need to look at it a little more closely once it's dry, but it's not bad. I had a few spots that came out solid, but most of it's this very pretty stripe.

I thought today would be a good day to try and wash this bit of fleece:

It wasn't too yucky, and some of it's pretty nice:

Look at that crimp!

It's been through four baths, three with Orvus paste and one with Dawn, and it's still not very clean. I'm leaving it on the porch tonight and will try again tomorrow. I may need to discard some more of it after all--if I haven't felted the whole damn thing.

I think I'll sit down and try to finish my sock tonight. I'm loving these four-day weekends!


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