Monday, April 30, 2007

You couldn't make this stuff up, I swear.

I know I'm starting to sound like I wear a tin-foil hat most of the time, but let me ask you this--are things around you kinda weird lately? The last two weeks have been so bizarre that it's left me walking around in a daze. I had hoped today would be better, but it turned out to be just as strange as the last two weeks--not a good start, believe me.

I feel like the world is starting to move into some big, black hole that is sucking us into a totally different universe. (Okay, I feel that way most of the time anyway, but this is getting ridiculous--and I just had a deja-vu that I've typed those very words before on this blog--I need to go back and see if that's true.) I can guarantee you that I don't remember everything, but in the last two weeks, we have had:

one director fired

a VP and another director suspended for a week, resulting in both of them quitting

a senior VP walking in at 8 am and resigning (and he'd only been there 5 weeks)

another director resigning

at least 2 other employees quitting

The big boss's daughter is now working for us, and she likes to make everyone feel like a serf in some sort of weird Dickensian novel (and I know "serf" is probably not correct for Dickensian times, but you get my drift, right?).

My boss ran in the Memorial Marathon yesterday. He's a cyclist, not a runner, and decided that he didn't need to train for this race, so he ran almost THREE MILES without having prepared at all. He couldn't understand why he was so wrecked this morning--go figure.

Then there was a whole screwup with a videoconference call that caused me, who had obeyed the rules and done everything right, to have to rearrange everything at the last minute at 5 pm, when everyone had already gone home for the day.

My electric bill last month was something like $7.08. It's usually anywhere from $35 to 100, depending on the time of the year. I checked my bill--they didn't read the meter. So I figured this month it would be double, right? Nope--$40-something. (Yeah, I need to call on this.)

One Saturday afternoon I looked up to see a police car in my parking lot. I watched for a while (yes, I spy on my neighbors sometimes--don't you?), and the cop finally came out from one of the upstairs apartments in the building across from me. A few minutes later, here comes the couple down to their car--with matching towels around their shoulders. Did they have a martial spat that involved water balloons? I guess we'll never know.

My downstairs neighbor pulled a probably 6-week-old puppy from the jaws of something, we think a raccoon--apparently it grabbed the poor thing and ran off with it. It wasn't hurt, thank goodness; it was young enough to still have a lot of loose skin around its neck. It now has a nice new home with a lot of other doggies, because there was no way to find the owners.

But the weirdest thing of all was at work--seeing someone sitting at her desk in the middle of the cube farm with curlers in her hair and a scarf around her head. Then there was a little picnic on the floor of her director's office in the middle of the afternoon, with all the participants wearing curlers and putting on their makeup. When we reported it to HR, the director told us that their boss had given them permission (she was in there, too), so it was okay--not a problem.

Yes, Catherine, I've found the Cupcakes--they're working for us now.

Thanks a lot.



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