Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Well, I think Summer is finally here.

Welcome to my new friends at iVillage's Oklahoma Gardening Forum--make yourselves at home!

Hot and humid, that's what we've got lately, with an occasional rain shower thrown in for good measure. We're better off than some parts of the state, though--too much rain is causing all kinds of problems elsewhere.

I'm still recovering from finishing the garden. I also keep telling myself I need to pick up the house, but it's not happened yet. Maybe later . . . .

Look--my first sunflowers!

Aren't they pretty? Something's eating the leaves, though, but after my little run-in with caterpillars eating my tomato plants, I'm happy they've moved on to something else. The sunflowers can spare a few leaves here and there.

My cypress vine is blooming--I think it looks like Christmas:

I've never grown this before, and it's a really vigorous vine. I thought about trying to grow it up a gutter pipe, but I thought that might be a bit much (or maybe not, I still might do it).

My tomato plants are blooming, and my squash is slowly coming along. I have a few blooms on one of the two varieties of eggplant I planted, but the other one is not growing at all. I'm not sure what the problem is.

My poor pansies from the spring are still hanging in there--I keep feeding them and cutting them back:

And lastly, I think this is the first "full frontal" photo of Maggie I've been able to take in the almost six years we've been together (I can't wait to see the hits I get from that terminology). She likes to sit close to the door and supervise my gardening activities--she's a real slavedriver.

Can't you grow some chewbones, pleeeeezzeee???

I swear that this weekend I am going to finish plying the yarn I've had on my wheel for months now, so there'll be some Actual Fiber Content (TM) soon--I promise!

Have a good week!

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