Wednesday, April 06, 2005

Is it only Wednesday?

Geez, it seems like this week has gone on forever, and it's only Wednesday? That just can't be right. This is the busiest month of the year for me at work, and I think I'm dreading it more than usual this year. (It's really only April 5? Are you sure?) So I'm tired and grumpy, and I woke up with a major headache this morning that then proceeded to mess up my stomach, and--you can see where I'm going, can't you? It's just been a LOOOONG week . . . .

I must admit, however, that knitting has gone very well. The Koigu sock is progressing nicely. I am almost finished turning the heel, and then it's on to the leg! I really like this toe-up pattern, even though I did the toe differently. If it works the way it's supposed to, I see a lot of toe-ups in my future. It's very easy, and the best part--no cast-ons at the gusset--I hate that. If I keep knitting at this pace, I may set a new record for myself--a single sock in a little over a week. Could I go for a completed pair before the month's up? Who knows?

I did finish spinning the fiber I've had on the wheel for the last three weeks. I navajo-plied it, and it turned out okay. The fiber broke in one spot, and I didn't do a very good job of fixing it, so that looks awful. I need to slow down when I'm plying--I always rush through it because I want to finish so it won't sit on the wheel for another week. I really need to start spinning some during the week insteading of waiting until the weekend.

Anyway, it's off to watch The West Wing and see who wins the Democratic nomination!

PS--my friend Missy has started her own blog, Blue Candy. Check it out--she has some very funny stories about her son. (Most of us lovingly call him "The Crackhead." He's three, and we hear these stories every day--trust me, we're spot on with this nickname.)

Photos of the Koigu sock and the spinning results to come this weekend, when I can get some natural lighting.


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