Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Le Tour de Fleece - Day Sixteen and a local news update

Well, I'm pooped, but I ended up spinning for about an hour tonight. It's just so darn hot and muggy here that it's hard to get any enthusiasm to do anything, even with the air conditioning going full blast. 107 again today, at least that hot Thursday and Friday, and then the weathermen PROMISE there's a cold front coming in that will drop the temps into either the 80s or low 90s (depending on who you talk to). They'd better be right--we're all just about done in.

One of the biggest water lines in OKC busted again for the third time since April, and now we're on a mandatory water rationing until further notice--at least a week. This means I'm now sneaking out to water my plants under cover of darkness. At least I don't have to worry about being seen from the street--my apartment is situated so you can't be seen at all. Not that the water's really helping much--I'm probably going to lose all my vegetables, and some of the flowers are not looking too good either. But what can you do?

Missy remarked on her blog that one of our friends called this weather "the breath of hell." I think that's totally appropriate.

I hope to have my second bobbin of the superwash finished and the two bobbins plyed by Sunday. On top of that, I still need to prepare my sock for Stephanie's visit next week--I'd like it to look like more than just the toe that it is right now. I am bound and determined to get this sock completed in a decent time frame so that I can start some of the abundance of sock yarn that seems to have appeared in my apartment--in between spinning, of course!

The big news for the last 24 hours here or so has been the purchase of the NBA's Seattle Sonics by a group of investors from OKC. Not to blow my horn, but I know most of these gentlemen (from my last job--the guy who put the group together was the chairman of our board), and my first thought was that they must have cleaned behind the couch cushions last weekend--$350 million--wow! While I'm not much of a sports follower, many of my friends are (this IS Oklahoma, after all), and they're quite excited. The Hornets have done much, much better than I ever would have thought possible here, and while it's not a done deal yet that the Sonics will come to OKC, the prospect of having our own NBA team is pretty appealing.

For me, the fact that a WNBA team goes along with the deal is the best part. Oklahoma has a large number of schools as well as our colleges and universities that have women's basketball, and I think there's definitely a market for a women's pro team. We'll just have to wait it out and see what happens, but this news was a bright spot for us after the GM plant closure and learning that we would lose Kerr-McGee's international headquarters. I just hope it doesn't turn out that we have to build a new arena for them to play in--we've been on a ten-year tear in developing the downtown area through the MAPS projects, and we already have a new baseball park, a sports arena, and a large convention center. I can't imagine building something else, but I guess it's a possibility.

And that, folks, is about the sum and total of my knowledge about the state of sports today. Aren't you impressed?


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