Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Is it Friday yet?

Seriously, is it really only Tuesday? Work has been slamming me hard the last few days, and I'm too tired when I come home to do much more than sit and wish for it to get dark so I can go to bed. Pathetic, huh?

I finished spinning the last of the beautimus superwash "It Takes Two, Baby" fiber Sunday afternoon. I'll ply it this weekend. So after much careful deliberation, I chose the following for my next spinning adventure:

This is hand-dyed Falkland fiber from FaerieLady Fibers. This lovely young lady is a member of my spinning group, and her fiber is really wonderful. Several of my spinning friends call this color "Muppet Guts" because they think it resembles what Elmo would look like if he exploded. I don't care, I love it. The colors are hot, hot, hot--so hot that I hope they tone down a little after plying. It's a great summer color combination, and yes, I'm still feeding this insane 'pink' thing I've got going lately.

I'm hoping there will be enough here to make a certain baby girl a little sweater or some such thing. Actually, it would be a bribe, because the last time I saw her she didn't like me very much. (Can you bribe a three month old?)

I'm really kinda happy with myself right now, because I also seem to have picked up some steam on the sock knitting thing. If I keep this up, Sock #2 will be finished pretty quickly. And then I can start something new and yummy--whoo-hoo!

And as if that's not enough, I've bought a couple of bead looms and am planning to make my downstairs neighbor girl a bracelet of some sort in pinks and purples (again with the pinks!).

I guess I should just be happy that I have any desire to do anything with it being so hot. I can't wait to see my next electric bill--I may have to hock some fiber to pay it.

And if that statement doesn't prove I'm suffering from heat exhaustion, I don't know what will.


At August 01, 2006 9:07 PM, Blogger Missy said...

I swear it wasn't you - she was just "off" that night because it was the first night I've left her alone with Daddy. Let's blame him, ok? She even cried when I held her that night. I promise she'll be better next time you visit. :-)

At August 01, 2006 11:48 PM, Blogger kaoticorchid said...

I always liked muppet guts, even though they are so bright. I can't wait to get back to some spinning, I'm envious of you! All these dishcloths are making my head spin!

At August 02, 2006 2:53 PM, Blogger Procrastiknitter said...

LOL re: Muppet Guts! Too funny! I personally LOVE reds and oranges, they are my favorite! As far as the electric bill, we might have to have an Oklahoma knitting fair to sell some wares so we can pay for our bills. DH told me that I needed to make some things for people who want to pay me for them. We are thinking at least $300 for the month for electric, although it's been hotter there in OKC rather here in Bartlesville.

At August 03, 2006 9:37 AM, Blogger NeedleTart said...

You display state washcloths By making a shower curtain out of them (my first response was to make an afghan, but shower curtain seems more apropos)


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