Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Who turned off the heat?!?!?!?

Will Rogers once said, "If you don't like the weather in Oklahoma, just wait a few minutes and it'll change." I think he was talking about the last 24 hours.

Yesterday it was over 70 degrees, a little gray but nice enough to wear short sleeves. Last night the forecast was for today to get to about 60 degrees and then start dropping midafternoon, so I wore a light jacket and didn't take a umbrella to work. Oh, and I turned off the heat because I thought it would be plenty warm without it, and I thought I'd wait until tonight to cover my pansies so they wouldn't freeze.

Today? At 530 am it was 59 degrees. That was as warm as it got. By noon it was 40 degrees and dropping with lots of wind and rain, and by 5 pm it was 28 degrees. Right now it's still 28 but with a wind chill of 14 degrees, and we're expecting sleet, ice, and snow, WITH A TOTAL UP TO UP TO 4 TO 6 INCHES OF SNOW. Yikes!

My sympathies went out today to the Salvation Army bellringer at Gordman's--I'd have given up and gone home. At least she was on the south side of the building and protected a little bit from the northerly winds, but still!

I just want to wrap all my spinning fiber around me like a coccoon to keep warm . . . .


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