Friday, January 12, 2007

Insanity and the end of the world (as we know it)

Yes, I'm posting on a Friday afternoon, from home. My company shut down "at employee's discretion" around noon. This means that only the high-end employees who think they have to be there stayed at work--the rest of us workerbees bolted for the parking lot before they could change their minds. Most of OKC has shut down for the rest of the day and the weekend as well. Hopefully people will take advantage of that and stay home.

The weathermen are saying this could be a "really big" storm similar to the ice storm we had in 2000, when over 170,000 people lost power. Right now the roads aren't absolutely horrible (they aren't great, either), but it's sleeting pretty good, and once the traffic clears off the streets and the temps drop, it will be a solid sheet of ice out there. I'm hoping that since the freezing rain turned to sleet and snow early on that maybe we've missed the worst, but we'll have to see.

People have been prepping for this storm for two days. I waited to go to the grocery store until yesterday after work, and wow, I wished I had gone on Wednesday. I got the last cart when I walked in the door. Thankfully I didn't need a lot, but if I'd gotten there any later, I would have been hard pressed to find milk or bread. I had rock salt on my list, but they were totally out, and apparently their warehouse was out, too. Luckily I still have one bag left from the December storm, and since I don't plan on walking out the door until Monday morning at the earliest, that will have to do. Apparently everyone was out shopping yesterday--this blog from the Oklahoman is pretty funny.

So Maggie and I are holed up for the weekend. I need to do some housework, because the Bug Man is scheduled to be here Tuesday (I have no idea whether or not he'll actually make it). I haven't hardly touched my spinning since New Year's, and I want to knit some (no, the cashmere scarf is not done, and neither are the socks).

But mainly I want to enjoy the cold, gray skies--finally, my kind of weather!


At January 15, 2007 5:40 PM, Blogger Missy said...

You know I'm married to He Who Enjoys Driving on the Ice and Snow, right? So we actually did our grocery shopping on Saturday night. I figured we'd go to the store right by our house, but no...he wanted to go to Edmond to see if the store he sent 4 trucks to was adequately stocked. They were. There were hardly any people there and we got right in and out. It was actually pretty ideal as far as grocery shopping goes. Plus he got to do a couple of donuts in the parking lot. Good times...


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