Friday, April 22, 2005

The end of a long week . . . .

Thank goodness it's Friday--I couldn't take another day. Thirteen more days and my two big events wil be done and then I can collapse. I can't wait.

As you have probably noticed, there hasn't been any spinning lately. I developed a bad case of "spinner's limp" after my last spinning adventure about three weeks ago. I'm still limping around--one day it will be my thigh, the next my hip, the next my lower leg--it's really weird. Sitting for long periods makes it worse, of course, so work isn't helping at all. Plus the fact that I'm so tired that I don't think I could concentrate enough to not screw up any spinning I would try, so it will probably be mid to late May before I start a new batch of fiber. My spindle is still sitting on my coffee table, too--I look at it longingly, but I'm just TOO TIRED. Basic, simple, straight knitting on my sock is all I can handle right now. In fact, if it wasn't just 7 pm and the sun wasn't still shining, I'd be in bed right now . . . .


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